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ASSASSIN GAMES is an unique take on the battle royal genre. Told through fight scenes, phone conversations, and other various scenes, Assassin Games is the story of a vengeful wife, Rachel, willing to pay $20 million to any assassin who can kill her husband, Russell Brown. The catch? You must be a female and he's the world's deadliest assassin. Filmed in Florida and even Hawaii, the short film served as a sales pitch to its sequel, Model Combat, hoping to build buzz and investors need to translate Model Combat into film. It caused a lot of controversy while it was used in 2015 to promote Model Combat to Ohio., ultimately leading to transforming Model Combat into Girlfight: Model Kombat to conform to Ohio's conservative norm. Girlfight: Model Kombat would later be promoted in Ohio in 2015 to develop the short film, Girlfight: inVite (2016) and ultimately, Girlfight (2018), the 10-13 minute DVD that sold three $3,000 DVDs on in its first year of release – all thanks to its very controversial nature that created more stalkers and haters than any other concept film in history! PLAY THE GAMES... BEFORE THEY PLAY YOU!

Note: This is a concept pitch film in its completed form. It only runs 4 minutes, 20 seconds. This disc contains extra features that contribute to the total running time. These special features include behind-the-scenes footage and a director's commentary for both fight scenes, as well as the ability to "pick a fight" scene and workprints for each fight. Total Running Time: 120+ minutes.

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WARNING: Parental advisory recommended. Contains explicit content.