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I have recently been made aware of several websites that focus on Makeup FX, the Makeup FX Bible, Backyard Resoirce to Backyard Wrestling, Magic FX, Halloween FX, FightFX, WrestleFX... pretty much every FX out there. As the author of the original publication, first published to some 15 plus years ago, it is appropriate for me to comment.

Makeup FX and its family of FX publications was written during the 1990s using mainly 1960-1990 resources that covered the topic of makeup and special effects from Halloween and film-making books for kids. It was first conceived while I was in junior high and published while I was still in high school. At the time, I was 17 years old and backyard/trampoline wrestling was at its height. I was involved in the backyard wrestling movement and filmed a total of 8 videos with my friends, 2 which are forever lost. The books, in many respects, was a misguided product of my adolescent rebellion to the fact I would never due anything with film or sports.

I conducted the research for FX products on my own, primarily through local libraries. Most of the contents were gleaned from Halloeeen and film books, some from the Internet during that time. I was not member of any film company, FX house, independent or professional wrestling and MMA promotions.

I submitted the manuscript directly to CNET's without the help or advice of an agent. Ultimately, it was accepted without hassle and was published verbatim - without editing - in early 2000.

The central idea to the books was that you can do many of these stunts at home using household ingredients and some basic commen sense.

I continue to agree with this. And if this is of interest to you then please by all means do it but keep in mind that these instructions refer to processes that are likely no longer in effect on any production or there are safer alternatives. For example, for fake brass knuckles I explain to use plastic brass knuckles. These are now illegal in many states and countries, so you should use foam brass knuckles which are very safe, legal, and can be bought from Internet sources. Do NOT use the old fireballs tric, it's just not needed. Play with fire and you'll get burned.

The 2017 free ebook, FX, should be taken with a grain of salt and treated ONLY as a historical learning resource for anyone interested in treating do-it-yourself instructions as an academic resource, and for this reason alone I'll continue to distribute my entire FX family.

For a more modern approach to do-it-yourself stunts and makeup and special effects, please keep watching GIRLFIGHTMOVIE.COM for the upcoming book, GIRLFIGHT: BEHIND THE SCENES, which will explain how all the stunts were done in GIRLFIGHT: INVITE.

Please be safe in anything you do. Rehearse and plan accordingly, don't just show up on production day and start filming stuntwork. Schedule separate rehearsal days or rehearse before filming. Treat your cast and crew good and they will treat you good.

Kelcey Coe, 2017



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