Only a face a Shokan mother could love!

I am your host, Goro Still Lives. I continue to live among the Shokan deep in the Shokan caverns as I wait for the next Mortal Kombat tournament.

One day I got bored and decided to archive my history... and the history of everyone else's into this site you are reading now.

ROARRR... I love my komodo dragon chips!

But anyway... at this site you will find a lot of things no other site is able to present you. Aside from an exhaustive amount of information and collected scans, this site will literally take you behind the scenes to many of your favorite Kombat movies and shows. You'll be bombarded with movie and show guides, memborabilia guides, reference guides, and even analysis guides throughout your journey to help organize the massive amount of information available to you. You'll find how the movies relate with their associated media, like novels, and games, and extensive interviews and press releases. Want to read the first draft to the Annihilation script - how about also reading the first draft's to the movie, animated series, and live tv show? What's cool about all of this? This material covers almost 20 years of hard-to-find collectives!

So put down that controller... you couldn't beat me in real life anyway... and... ENTER THE WEB SITE NOW


- Goro Still Lives